152 Dead In Pakistan Plane Crash

crash192-300x154Officials report that on Wednesday morning just outside of Islamabad a plane holding 152 passengers crashed with no survivors. Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira stated that out of the 152 passengers only 115 have been found after rescuers worked through the heavy rain. It is still undetermined what was the actual cause of the crash.

The earliest reports from both Minister Rehman Malik and Kaira of the crash having survivors were wrong as they said that the reported given to them was incorrect. Pakistan?s UK ambassador Wajid Shamsul Hasan stated that rescue teams found a box which was thought to be the ??black box?? holding information which could help in determining the cause of the crash, unfortunately the actual color of the box was orange and Minister Kaira informed reporters that it had not been recovered. According to a civil aviation spokesman, Pervez George, the Airblue plane was bound from Karachi to Islamabad when something went wrong during the landing procedure.

The air craft was holding 146 passengers with 6 members of the crew. According to the U.S embassy out of all the passengers on board 2 were Americans. Airblue representative Raheel Ahmed told CNN that the pilot of the air craft was a well trained and well experienced pilot, holding more than 25 thousand hours of flying throughout a 35 year career. Amongst the passengers 29 were females, 2 infant, 5 children and 110 males. Reports show that nothing was seen wrong with the aircraft itself and the exact problem is yet to be identified.