American Infected with Caribbean Disease

t1larg.potter.key_.west_-300x168After feeling a bit on the weak side at an Atlanta airport, Jeanette Potter thought nothing much of it except that she was probably getting the flu. She suffered from aches, headaches and was disoriented from her flight back to New York. These symptoms were obviously not of the flu but wasn’t thought to be anything else by herself and to her doctor.

The dengue fever is common in tropical regions such as the Caribbean and is extremely rare in the U.S. It took over 2 weeks, a trip to the emergency room and a few doctor visits until finally the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said it was none other than dengue fever. This case of dengue fever is the first outbreak which has lead to over a dozen other outbreaks in the Key West region.

This viral disease is feared to affect more people and may even be heading further north. The dengue fever disease is also known as breakdown fever due to the unbearable pain that comes with it. The disease is caused by mosquito bites in warm climates which Potter was a victim of in Key West. Many people are unaware of getting the disease and in some cases it can advance to something which can cause shock, internal bleeding and even death.

She experienced further symptoms which lead to the assumption of a urine infection by her doctor. After that the next assumption was a spinal meningitis but was also proven to be wrong by physicians who soon became at a lost for diagnosis. Other tests were done and other diagnosis were made until her blood was tested in Puerto Rico for dengue fever and returned positive, making her the first dengue fever victim in Florida from since the last known case which was in 1934.