Are Unemployment Checks Going to be Mailed Soon?

unemployment-1-300x225Citizens are being forced to leave their apartments due to the cut off or federal unemployment benefits. In San Diego, Kevin Landry and his cocker spaniel have been out of an apartment and are now currently sleeping in his car inside a church parking lot. While there is still hope that checks will be delivered soon Kevin knows that his $475 would not reach him anytime soon.

He stated that he would have to somehow make ends meet after his experience last time congress delayed their payments. Unfortunately Kevin has no choice and has said he has to learn to deal with the disappointment. During the almost 2 month delay before Congress extended the deadline for unemployment benefits almost 3 millions citizens had completely run out of benefits.

With these adjustments that are being made most of the time the system that processes the unemployment payments would need updating which would also add to the long wait for unemployed citizens. The executive director of the National Association of State Workforce stated that the states will try to resume payments as soon as physically possible, but how long will it be? Can people wait any longer than they already have? Some of the States have ordered those who are unemployed to keep sending in their forms so that payments would resume quicker after the systems are set and ready. Reports are saying that all should keep sending in their forms as this would ensure that they be amongst the first to receive checks.