Battle of Book Sales E-book vs Hardbacks

240px-Kindle_2_-_Front-232x300The gap between the popularity and demand of e-books and hardbacks are quickly growing. After the iPads release  more and more users are taking up e-books. Amazon, which is one of the top online book sellers says that their sales for e-books are quickly going past that of hardbacks and should continue this way.

While over a period of 3 months kindle e-books has sold over 180 copies for every 100 hardbacks it still is a bit behind when compared to paperbacks. This increase in e-books is mostly due to the drop in price of nook and kindle e-books and of course the introduction of Apple’s iPad.  For the first 5 months of the years it is reported by American Association of Publishers that sales in e-books have jumped over 162% and over 200% for the year.

It has grown from being a mere 3% of all books sales to now a 8.5%. Can this be a time where we see no more hardbacks? Well it seems we still have time for that but for now we can only witness the rise of e-books throughout the world. Many sales of e-books were over $29 millions while hardbacks still controlled the majority, $138 million. This can also be a result of price as e-books are cheaper than hardbacks. All book publishers and online sellers agree that in the future we will be seeing less of hardbacks and more of e-books as they are quickly becoming the preferred reading material.