Brad Childress to Bret Favre: Take your Time

200px-BFAVREVIKEWhile Bret Favre shared a conversation with with Brad Childress about their game clash  Favre did not however discuss his future plans. Their meeting took place when Childress visited Favre while on vacation. He told USA Today that they discussed many things but did not make a decision if he was to return for the next NFL season.

Favre said that he respected Childress and enjoyed his company. They both talked about their hard times and disputes in the past but was all just a normal sportsman rival and nothing personal. Last season the two had an argument over plays when they lost in Carolina. They soon made up and was advanced to the NFC title game but unfortunately lost the game.

After his recent surgery for his old ankle injury, Favre has been currently testing himself at Oak Grove High School. While Favre stated that his position is  not exactly where it should be but what can be expected? He reminded reporters that he has gone through 3 surgeries and is in his 40’s. The big 41 will be in October and it would be an end of a season with him having a great and amazing career. Childress agreed that no pressure is being put on Favre to return, while the decision for him to return may be favored it is 100% up to him and his decision will be respected. The game must go on and Favre knows all the pros and cons of him returning or not.