Critters Inside Your Mattress

BedBugs-300x2251According to reports from the National Pest Association the problem of Bedbugs have gone up by 81% since the year 2000. A mattress can be a home for many bedbugs and mites which keep around dried blood, sweat, saliva and any other bodily fluid that may remain on the bed. Out of these cases of bedbugs over 67% has been found be motels and hotels nationwide.

According to entomologist Howard Russell these bedbug insects are about a 1/4 inch big and feed at night. These insects feed on blood and while we as humans can only survive weeks without food these insects can live up to a year without feeding. Starving them out is extremely difficult if not impossible but while this is a major concern they are not the only insects that can be found.

Over 10% of houses are prone to dust mites according to allergist Dr. Clifford Bassett from New York. These dust mites are an extra problem for those who already have a asthma condition and can lead to a dangerous condition. The really scary part is that it is not the bugs themselves that cause us to sneeze and cough but rather their excrement.

A way that you can help in this on going problem is by using a allergy proof slip cover on your bed so that the mites would be trapped and not have access to your sheets and pillows.You can also wash your sheets frequently in 130 degree water.