Cubs Piniella to Retire

200px-Lou_Piniella_-_2008_-_After serving 22 years as a manager and 18 years as a major league player Piniella announced that he will be retiring at the end of the season. His career allowed him to attain 3 championship rings and 5 appearances in the World Series. His reason for retiring was to spend more time with his family, however he has not stated that he would not consult for any teams.

He has stated that he has been missing from his home life for over 50 years and while he enjoyed his experience in the Baseball arena he think it is time to throw in the towel. He also stated that his experiences will not be forgotten and that they are memories that would be within forever. The man up for replacing Piniella is most likely to be Ryne Sandberg who is the manager for the Des Moines Tripple A affiliate and also a legend with the Cubs.

Jim Hendry the Cubs general manager stated that the replacement would not be chosen before the end of the season and hopes that by October to November they would have a new manager. This process is not an easy one and the decision would not be done within a short period of time stated by Hendry who will keep his position next year. The offer seems interesting for the Cubs legend Ryne Sandberg who stated that he is currently employed so his main focus at this time would be his duties in Des Moines.

Overall Piniella is in no way disappointed fells well accomplished for what he has done throughout his career. He stated that he would not retire earlier as he wants to honor the contract.