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DailyNewsPulse has a great team of experienced and talented writers.  Although their backgrounds vary their writing styles and ideas compliment each other very well.  You can send any of our writers an email if you wish.

You can find a short bio of each writer with a relevant email address.  Just copy and paste the email into your email client, replace (at) with @ and remove all spaces to send.

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Jeremy Collins

Jeremy “JC” Collins is the editorial director and has been in the journalism field for over 15 years, and for 12 of those years he maintained a bi-weekly column in an award-winning newspaper.  Jeremy is a great asset to this team because he hast a keen eye for detail.  In his spare time Jeremy likes to spend time with his wife and two Sons.
[email: jeremy (at) dailynewspulse.com]

Andika Joshi

Andika “Dika” Joshi has over 20 years as a web designer and technical director.  He maintains the look and feel of Daily News Pulse there is no job too big or too small that Andika cant handle.  Having been in the United States for 12 years Andika still travels twice a year to visit family in India.
[email: dika_p (at) dailynewspulse.com]

Kyle Sam Young

Kyle “Sammy” Young is our resident sports writer who has over 11 years in the field of sports journalism.  Having covered every sports category in that time frame makes him the perfect asset to write for Daily News Pulse.   Sammy is a bachelor who loves to play pool and is a rabid Washington Redskin, New York Yankee and Washington Wizards  fan.
Check out the stories written by Kyle.
[email: kyle_sy (at) dailynewspulse.com]

Mike Thomas

Mike “Mikey” Thomas is a freelance journalist who has about 2 years covering the arts and entertainment.  Mike considers himself a blogging geek who always likes to report what is going on in the arts and entertainment.
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[email: mike_t (at) dailynewspulse.com]

Adriana Barnes

Adriana Barnes our resident business writer who holds a B.A. from Bauder College and has been responsible for starting several successful businesses.  Adrian has been with us for just a few months and loves to spend time with her daughter and two dogs.
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[email: ab_83 (at) dailynewspulse.com]

Alex Warne

Alex “Gadget”  Warne is called Gadget simply because he is always on top of the latest and greatest in the technology field.   He is our resident gadget geek and also writes our shopping news.  Alex has been investigating the technology industries for 10 yrs and spends most of his time at trade shows and playing video games.
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[email: alex (at) dailynewspulse.com]

Lynn Ashton

Lynn Ashton reports the worlds news and has 7 years as a freelance journalist.  Lynn grew up a military brat and has lived all over the world because of her frequent travels she has a unique position of reporting the world news.  Lynn loves to travel with her family and has a unique perspective on the world news.
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[email: lynn (at) dailynewspulse.com]

Louis Hanks

Louis Hanks has worked in the health industry and as a journalist throughout his 7 years.  The experience he has gained in both fields make him the perfect candidate to write for Daily News Pulse.  In his free time Louis loves to play tennis and travels to Hawaii heavily in the Summer.
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[email:louis_364(at) dailynewspulse.com]

Charles Winget

Charles Winget is our other entertainment writer who like Mike loves to follow the arts and entertainment.  Although he is pretty new to the team he is fast becoming one of the staffs favorites he is also the jokster of the crew.
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[email: Charles4 (at) dailynewspulse.com]