Darrelle Revis To Holdout

darrelle-revis-story-si-223x3001Darrelle Revis is due to holdout from the New York Jets because of a contract dispute with the team. There is no word on how long this delay will last for but Darrelle and his family are precise when it comes to any kind of contract. According to Neil Schwartz, Revis’s agent, Revis actions obviously speak louder than his words, this is the statement he gave on Sunday to the Associated Press.

This official delay began when he was not present in Florham Park N.J on Sunday for the Jets conditioning. For the Jets this cannot be any good news if they have their sights on Super Bowl without probably their best player. Mike Tannenbaum, the general manager stated that communication is open and they are committed in finding a resolution to any conflicts that Revis may have.

What is certain is that Rrevis will hold out of this contract with 3 more years on it. This season Revis is officially the lowest paid defensive backs on the Jets making from his 6 year rookie contract an amount of $1 million in this 4th year. He is set on being the league’s highest paid cornerback which is currently the status of Nnamdi Asomugha who last offseason signed a 3 year $45.3 million extension.

According to Tannenbaum the main thing which is in disagreement is the compensation. Jon Feinsod and Schwartz stated that both sides discussed in great deal to the very last minute. Tannenbaum reported that the Jets made 3 offers which were all denied and now Revis will be fined an amount of $16,523 for each day not present with the team.