Difficult Decision For DeGeneres

413px-Ellen_DeGeneres-2009-206x3001After one season on Fox’s hit series American Idol, Ellen Degeneres announced that she will no longer be doing the show. She stated that it was not a easy decision to make but at the end she informed producers of American Idol and Fox that the show was just not for her. She also gave one of her reasons as being too kind hearted.

While she loves to discover and help young talent artists she find it difficult to at times hurt peoples feelings and judge their talent. Even though she may be leaving the show she says that the experience was great and as before she will and is a big fan and supporter of the show. American Idol and Fox executives expressed their loss in DeGeneres and said that her presences will surely be missed.

She has a unique personality and was a special person amongst the judging panel. Even creator Simon Fuller expressed his gratefulness in DeGeneres and said that she will be missed on the show. DeGeneres was a replacement for Paula Abdul who left after 8 years due to disagreements with her contract. While DeGeneres his known for her daily talk show she is also a big music fan and was sure that she could bring some positivity and compassion in the judging of American Idol. She expressed that she never liked when Simon Cowell were mean to the young talent and she wanted to bring more empathy as Paula did.