Drowning In Junk

hoarding7-300x239A quickly growing health problem is what the growing number of hoarders are being called. Hoarders are people who are obsessed with items and refuse to throw anything away. This growing problem has been the cause for many health problems and fires around areas which hold these people.

This month rescue workers were forced to drill a hole from a 82 year old woman’s house in Chicago as junk almost reaching the roof prevented anyone was accessing the doorways. The woman and her daughter were believed to have small tunnels throughout the junk so that they could maneuver around the house. The disliked habit has brought much disturbances to fellow neighbors and is being called a very serious health hazard.

This growing habit has also caught the attention of national networks who have based shows around the so called “disorder” A&E, TLC and even Animal Planet have shows which project the lives of hoarders. In these series it is a common sight to see people sleeping on beds which are covered in feces of animals and hairs. They also burrow like animals with little tunnels leading to different rooms in the house as there is so much junk around.

According to various reports this type of behavior is not seen by the individuals as being a problem, in fact they see it as a solution and it is more often a symptom of something more troubling. Unfortunately a mental program which can deal with these types of people has not been developed as the condition is still being studied.