Durant Signed a Deal Without a Trumpet Blast

Kevin-Durant-245x300When you have every reason to demand and be a brat like the summer’s free agents, because you instantly became a top player at age 21 and on your way to be a global icon, Kevin Durant did the other way in the infancy of his career.

Durant stayed humble and stick to the words that come out of his mouth. So when he said he want to remain with the Thunder, he consistently did.

On the first day he was entitled to sign an extension, Durant sat down with Thunder General Manager Sam Presti. After the discussion with Presti, he decided to accept  a five-year deal worth nearly $86 million. Durant’s agent, Aaron Goodwin said they want to handle the announcement low-key so Durant announced it quietly and excitedly on Twitter.

Aaron Goodwin said, “Kevin does a good job of communicating with his fans through his Twitter account, so we thought that was an appropriate thing to do.”

On the other hand, without the extension, Durant would have been a limited free agent in the summer of 2011, meaning Durant can ask any price that could match with the rival teams. He did not take advantage of his status or make a scene of himself.

Durant did none of those. He put his faith in Presti, he trusted the Thunder and his teammates.

Durant will only be 27 when this contract is over and he will be in his peak, a year younger than Wade and one year older than Bosh.

He already earned close to $100 million. If ever Durant will be global icon, we just hope he will not end up like the free agents did this year.

“If you mean will he become an unrestricted free agent, absolutely, he could do that,” Goodwin said. “If you mean would he do it in such a public fashion — absolutely not.”