Facebook Founder in Court over Ownership

Facebook-198x300According to various sources a contract which is said to be signed by Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook giving ownership to a business man from New York may actually be real. This was acknowledged on Tuesday by one of the Facebook lawyers. Lisa Simpson, a Facebook lawyer told Judge Richard Arcara that Facebook founder Mr. Zukerberg did in fact have a contract with the New York businessman.

Mr. Ceglia  However, Facebook officials believe that the contract Paul Ceglia presented in court was not authentic. Whether or not the contract was in fact signed by Facebook founder is unsure. A lawsuit was made against Facebook and its founder by Mr. Ceglia last month on the claim that he was the one who hired Mark Zuckerberg to do 2 business ventures in 2003. Once was to maintain and develop and web application for StreetFax and the second being to further develop an already existing project which was made specifically for the students of Harvard to work with a type of yearbook function and the title Face Book.

The judge hears Mr. Ceglia and granted his request that Facebook be stopped from making any further decisions on selling or transferring their assets. Mr. Ceglia’s attorney said that an agreement was made which covered both the projects which Ceglia’s had offer to Mr. Zuckerberg and also a project which he stated he was working with on the side. It is obvious that with the success of Facebook there will be some confusion between the two and it is only a matter of time to hear the ruling made by the court.