Family Insurance To Get Tougher

file0001354651431-300x232Next year begins the mark of the new health care legislation which will have employers having to provide employees dependents coverage will the age of 26. This new procedure will have employers already under stress after they are being braced for a 9 percent jump in their health care plans. Companies have now decided to raise their premiums on health care plans and set aside those or are ineligible.

With this soon to happen it is certain that you would be receiving a mail soon asking you to provide proof of your family which would include adoption or birth papers, marriage certificates, proof of any domestic relationships, proof showing guardianship and even proof showing the citizenship of everyone. According to executive VP of Budco, Dave Chojnacki, within the last 90 days they have seen a jump of over 30 percent instead of the normal 5 percent around this time. Budco is known for their dependent eligibility audits for Time Warner CAble, AT&T and Qwest. Even with Chapman Kelly they have seen almost double for the year so far for their representatives such as Avis, Volvo and Marathon Oil.

According to Michael Smith, CEO  of ConSova, health coverage for a spouse on an annual basis usually cost employers $5000 and $1900 for those between the ages of 19-25. He also stated that employers usually find about 10-13 percent of health coverage dependents to be ineligible. The typically respond time for these letters providing proof are within 4 weeks and failure to do so will result in the company removing dependents from the health care plan.