First Time Home Buyers To Benefit In North Carolina

first-time-home-buyers-300x199Three types of mortgage loans have taken effect in North Carolina. The government provides assistance to first time home owners while the Fannie Mae or the Freddie Mac regulations come into force when conventional mortgage loans are distributed. The Freddie and The Fannie schemes are sponsored by the government.

The maximum loan that a consumer can get by this scheme is 417,000 dollars. Five percent of the loan amount is to be deposited as down payment while procuring a loan. For those borrowers who can deposit only 20 percent of the loan amount as down payment the guideline is that he will have to get insured. Most borrowers opt to pay off their loans only in 30 years but it could be paid off in a shorter period it the borrower wishes so.

The FHA loan scheme allows the borrower to pay just 3.5 percent as down payment of the amount he wishes to borrow. The borrower benefits as the down payment is lesser. Consumers who wish to get a loan is allowed to ask for a bigger amount under this scheme. Some home buyers opt to pair the NC Housing finance scheme with the FHA. When paired together it becomes more beneficial to the borrower.

It allows their down payment too to be met by the scheme. In such cases the borrowers’ income, his promptness in paying off previous loans and the price and location of his house are taken into consideration.