Fisher displeased with Kiffin hiring assistant coach

150px-Jeff_Fisher_Coaches_Tour_MND-B_Iraq_July_4_2009Jeff Fisher, Tennessee Titans Head Coach displayed his displeasure with the unprofessional manner in which coach Lane Kiffin hired Kennedy Pola, his assistant coach. Kiffin hired the assistant coach on saturday to help in his running back and offensive coordination. Coach Fisher made his voice heard that he was extremely displeased about the hiring of Kennedy Pola which in his opinion did not follow proper protocol.

Fisher said that instead of the manner in which this matter was handle it is protocol for a coach to inform   the NFL team of his interest before making any kind of agreement with Kennedy Pola. This event gave the Titans a weakness as their running back coach was missing in action a week before training began. Coach Fisher said that no call was ever made to him from Kiffin or any other official concerning the interest in Pola as an assistant coach, instead he heard the news from Pola himself after he had accepted the job offer.

Kiffin after done his damaged tried to reach out to Fisher on saturday to discuss the sudden move of his assistant coach. Kiffen on his released statement did not admit his mistake but rather said that he approached assistant coach Kennedy Pola on friday and then contacted Fisher on the Saturday after Pola had return the call saying that he accepted the position. Both parties agreed that the timing was off on contact but both were clear on how events unfold and agreed that it was a great assistant job for Pola.