Foxworth Out For The Year

domonique_foxworth-197x3002Domonique Foxworth, Baltimore Ravens cornerback after receiving a knee injury adding to a previous one will unfortunately miss the 2010 season. During practice on Thursday Foxworth tore the ACL in his right knee. What happen was nothing special, he was just running and changed direction, something which he has done all his career except this time it caused a major injury.

The injury took place in nowhere special so the cause was definitely his own body and may be due to the older injuries he picked up. John Harbaugh, the Ravens coach said that the injury was very unfortunate and that he had worked extra hard during the off season and they were all looking forward to his games. Last season Foxworth attained 4 interceptions and stated all 16 games including both playoff games.

Besides Foxworth, Fabian Washington and Lardarius, also cornerbacks are now coming back from similar injuries and also Ed Reed, a safety who had a hip injury. The coach stated that his teammates were informed that they would have to play the season without Foxworth and they all are just eager to see who would be his replacement. Foxworth expressed that throughout his career he could not remember a time that his injury was more than just a sprain ankle. While he is a 5 year veteran in the game he is still disappointed that he will not be there this season to help the Ravens move forward in their game.