Give Your PC Wings

internet_computer_monster_397x224-300x1691There are many software programs on the market that claim to repair computer systems and increase speed. These software packages are touted as the savior of small businesses, eliminating the constant need to upgrade outdated computers on a yearly basis. However, there is one software program you can trust and depend on and it’s called System Mechanic.

JJ Schoch, VP of marketing at iolo technologies, the company that makes the software, has lauded System Mechanic stating that with the System Mechanic your PC does not wear out and ten years after is as fast as it was when new. It works silently to ensure optimum PC performance and according to company claims, uses more than 40 different tools that fix errors and prevent freezing and crashes.

One of its most attractive features is ActiveCare which tunes your PC while it is idle, allowing you to work uninterrupted. This software is also reasonably priced costing as little as $79 per year for 5 licenses and as much as $1339 per year for up to 100 licenses. Small businesses can indeed reap benefits from accessing this software.

There are still some who scoff at such software packages. Roger Kay, founder of technology consulting firm Endpoint Technologies Associates, speaking from personal experience laments that there are registry cleaning applications but none of which seem to really be doing a good job. He has added that it often takes more than a cleanup to fix a PC and implied that software companies that tout such software merely exploit the ignorance of consumers.

At the end of the day, anything that can improve computer efficiency is welcomed, especially where small businesses are concerned. It can’t hurt to try advertised products. One has nothing to lose by trying a product. If a product does not live up to expectations, it will be dealt with by the market.