Halo Reach to Ship September 14

t1larg.halo_.reach.sony_-300x168Bungie, the makers of the world wide popular game Halo held a party announcing the upcoming Halo  Reach which is due on September 14. The Halo franchise has racked in million and is played in almost every country in the world. This new Halo game is said to be the last series developed by both Bungie and the original developers.

At Comic-Con the team announced the release of the Forge World software tool which will allow players to design their own maps, virtual realms and levels. The reason for this software was to please the fans, it was noticed that all fans love the game and love playing online head to head and so the best way they would make all fans happy was to allow them to create and simulate their own designs within the game.

The beta version of the new Halo Reach was released in May and all final touches was added after getting sufficient feedback from gamers. Brian Jarrard, the community director for Bungie said that the changes made were key to insuring the success of the new Halo, he also added that the changes made would not have been seen to be done if not for the feedback from gamers. Jarrard also expressed the joy in having a forum at Comic-Con and said that it is definitely a good way that developers of Halo can truly interact with real hardcore Halo fans and gamers. This years Comic-Con is sure to be one to remember, with new hits all around for fans.