High Roller Bonuses – Fake or Real?

Some people think that High Roller bonuses are not real. All the casino does is take their best offer and split it into two, the smaller one becomes the standard offer and the bigger one becomes a high roller bonus. It might be true for some online casinos, especially smaller ones that haven’t built up their reputation yet. But as far as we’ve experienced neither of the bigger, better known casinos do this. They understand that a High Roller is not just any person with pockets full of cash. They understand that online casino High Rollers are smart and selective with where they play and what they play. High Rollers are vital for online casinos because they usually end up wagering much more than their initial deposit. Casinos know that and High Rollers know that too. And that means that casinos can spend a lot more on acquisition of such players while High Roller have the advantage of being able to negotiate a better deal because they know how precious they are for any casino online or live.

michaelmizrachiWhat we are saying is, whether you are a high roller or not, always, and we do mean ALWAYS look for every single penny you can take from the casino. You have to understand that you have leverage. Not only as a new customer, but as a High Roller. Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter who you are in real life. To get the most out of an online casino you don’t have to be a high roller everywhere you go and everywhere you play. As long as you’re a High Roller by the standards of the online casino you are at in that particular moment, you are a High Roller. That means extra attention, service and rewards. That means that the online casino will be prepared to offer you much more than it is written on their promotional page. The leverage you have will allow you to get a much better offer when you sign up at the online casino. It may not seem like a lot now, but in the end if you negotiate a 1% better deal, it will be as good as straight up receiving cash.

We have covered the ‘why’, let’s now take a quick look at the ‘how’. If there’s an online casino you like, look what bonuses they offer. If there’s already a High Roller, take a note of three things – the maximum amount you can get, the maximum multiplier and the wagering requirement. From experience I can tell you that any of these can be amended. But only if you ask for it. So make sure you know what you want versus what they offer and what would be the lowest offer you could settle for. When you know what you are going for, it’s much easier to settle. Also, knowing what others offer in comparison to the casino you are negotiating with also helps.