iPad App Crashes Server: Is There an App for That?

250px-IPad-02-225x300CNNmoney .com has reported that the long anticipated application from iPad called the Flipboard crashed moments after the network was opened. The app is said to provide a personal magazine by containing contents from Facebook, Twitter and all of the other social networks which are available today. The Flipboard servers were said to have crashed due to the overwhelming work which it was put through after users accessed the network. The connections that were made with Facebook and other network sites were limited after it was over used. Many users got error messages and Flipboard urged the users to view their updates on Twitter and that it would be well worth the long wait.

While the solution is still not certain it is obvious that new users are beginning to get frustrated with the lack of accuracy of the service. Flipboard is due to release and updated software which would be able to handle the work load and would feature a wait list for users to connect to their various social networks. Flipboard has asked that users have patience as they are dealing with the problem and would surely rectify it. While they are begging for patience Twitter users are on the go with continuous backlashes against Flipboard. While the frustration is no surprise it is not the first time or the only application that has been overworked. From Twitter to Google and even Apple’s Store app has already crashed in the past due to an overwhelming number of people trying to access at the same time.