Jay Mariotti Arrested His Girlfriend Found Cut And Bruised

JayMariottiJay Mariotti the ESPN sports reporter and personality had been arrested early Saturday on a suspicion associated with felony domestic assault, he has been released from jail soon after posting a 50,000 bail.

Authorities stated that Mariotti who is 51 was detained Saturday around 4 a.m. following an argument with his girlfriend. Mariotti who is often known for being very critical of athletes for their actions on and off the field is a well-known sports commentator who writes for sports website Fanhouse.com. He also can be seen on the ESPN show “Around the Horn.” He previously wrote a sports column for the Chicago Sun Times and the Denver Post.

LAPD sources claimed that Mariotti presumably was arguing with his girlfriend outside a club in Santa Monica, additionally they had been witnessed exchanging harsh words prior to getting inside a car to leave. Mariotti got irritated right after he thought his girlfriend had been flirting with some other man, police sources explained.

Apparently the argument went on even after the couple arrived at their residence near Venice where Mariotti presumably pushed and shoved his girlfriend Throughout the altercation, Mariotti was seen grabbing his girlfriends arm, leaving marks, the source said.

Law enforcement had been called to their residence and observed his girlfriend, whose identity wasn’t revealed, with cuts and bruises.