Lindsay Lohan Released From Jail

293_lohan_lindsayOn Monday morning actress Lindsay Lohan was released after staying 2 weeks in the Lynwood Correctional Facility according to the County Sheriff’s Department. Deputy Benjamin Grubb of the LA sheriffs department statedd that the actress was release at 1:35 a.m. Lohanwas taken into jail on the 20th of July and was suppose to stay according to a sheriffs spokesman but  Marsha Revel the superior Court Judge gave her 90 days for missing her alcohol counseling sessions and violated her probation.

However, the sheriff has the power to release any inmates earlier than schedule due to overcrowding. The actress was also told that a period of 90 days was to be spent in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program after her sentenced time was up. It was advised by Judge Revel that she enter into a program within 24 hours of her release.

Revel stated that the actress’s next date to appear in court would be a week after her jail time has ended but if she is in a rehab facility her lawyer may be present without her. The actress was arrested 2 times during 2007 due to a DUI and the 2nd encounter she was in the possession of cocaine. The first arrest was made as Lohan lost control of her Mercedes and struck a curb. Only 2 weeks later after her rehab she was arrested once again in July when a call was made to the Santa Monica police stating that the actress was trying to run the individual over with her car.