Mexican Journalists kidnapped A Drug Cartels High Profile Warning

MexicoCity-300x224Four Mexican journalists were believed to be kidnapped by the Sinaloa drug cartel led by Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera who is estimated worth $1 billion. He escaped from a Mexican prison in 2001.

So far, only three of the journalists were freed, two in a police rescue and one was released. It is still unknown where the fourth reporter is. Motive behind the kidnapping is evident that the kidnappers’ intention is to use the reporters who were tied with some of Mexico’s largest news agencies, to broadcast their “criminal messages”, Mexican Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna said. There is an issue going on between Mexico’s escalating drug war violence against the journalists who cover it.

“It is a sad and bitter experience that nobody wants even the worst of their enemies to go through,”

Multimedios camerman Javier Canales, one of the kidnapped journalists, said, adding he is aware that he suffered psychological abuse and threats. Another victim, Televisa Laguna photojournalist Alejandron Hernandez said,

“Since the moment they took us, we thought they were going to kill us,”

To show a symbolic protest, Mexico’s largest television networks’ signal faced to black for almost an hour.

“We will not pretend that nothing is happening,” said Denise Maerker, anchor of Televisa’s “Punto de Partida” as she opened the show.

Apart from the critics condemning the government for not doing anything to restrain the criminals who are responsible, other journalists also express their disapproval of the government’s non action of the hostage situation.   Certain journalists say that it is not the duty of the media to give in and negotiate with the kidnappers “That is not our duty. The media is not designed nor equipped to negotiate in a hostage situation,” Gomez wrote.