Michael Jackson Doctors Not Facing Criminal Charges

Michael-12-240x300The state attorney general’s office stated on Wednesday that none of the 7 doctors who dealt with Michael Jackson will face any criminal charges. Spokeswoman for Jerry Brown, Attorney General stated that investigators had insufficient evidence to charge any of the doctors with involvement in the death of Pop King Michael Jackson. One of the doctors who prescribed medicine for the Pop star could only face a disciplinary sentence for the use of a fake name for prescriptions.

Jackson’s personal physician Dr.Conrad Murray was earlier charged with involuntary manslaughter but was not part of the 7 doctors in question. Searches were done by state drug agents in the offices of several doctors and other pharmacies. After reviewing hundreds of records on prescriptions and other related documents to Michael Jackson none were found guilty.

Mickey Find Pharmacy and Michaels dermatologist were amongst some of the places searched by agents. Michael’s dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein told CNN in the past that he never prescribed any type of drug which would have been harmful to the Pop stars health. However a list of prescription drugs were found in Michael’s mansion after a search party looked around.

His death according to the LA County coroner was due to an overdose of a very powerful anesthesia called propofol which is used in surgical procedures. Another drug which was found in excessive amounts in Michael’s system was lorazepam which is a anti anxiety agent which would have heightened the effects of the propofol.