Nearly 3 Million Dollars Overcharged In Property Tax

law-300x187CALIFORNIA- The town of Bell is likely to fork over $2.9 million in property tax added fees discovered by auditors by way of the state controller’s dept.

Bell will take quick actions to reduce property taxes towards the lawfully permitted rate, interim Town Administrator Pedro Carrillo stated Friday.

The finding had been made Thursday evening, Carrillo said, in addition, town administrators were looking through files to learn when and if the town Council authorized the tax hike, just in case the prior city attorney offered a legal viewpoint promoting it.

“That is the million-dollar question for all of our investigations,” Carrillo said. “On everything, we are asking, ‘Who did it, why they did it and who authorized it?’ ”

Jamie Casso, the Interim City Attorney mentioned that issues connected with some town officials who have committed criminal wrongdoing is going to be dealt with through the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office will definitely handle the civil investigation.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but what we are finding is shocking,” Casso said.

The town plans to pay back the funds from their $5-million reserve account, although it’s not clear just what impact this may have on Bell’s budget, Carrillo said. The nearly $3 million overpaid will have to end up being directed to nearby schools in regards to the state tax rule. On Monday the City Council will be required to vote on a decision which will reduce Bell’s taxes to the legal limit..

State Controller John Chiang delivered a notice Friday to the Los Angeles County auditor deciding that several of the property tax levies surpass the actual sum permitted under the law. He analyzed a sizable boost within the degree regarding taxes being looked at to pay Bell’s pension responsibilities in 2007.

Bell citizens pay out the second-highest taxes of any city in Los Angeles County.