Netflix and iPad – A Marriage Made in Heaven?

There is good news for iPad and iPhone owners this week with the release of two new applications from Netflix and Hulu for watching movies and television programming. The Netflix application is designed to allow you to stream movies and television shows to your portable devices. There are some key features that will make this application one that you’ll want to have.

The application provides seamless playback across multiple devices. The idea of being able to switch from device to device while accessing the same entertainment flow has been talked about for some time but now it’s happening. You can hit pause on your television-connected game player, walk out the door and down to the coffee shop and pick up playing the poker texas holdem game where you left off using your iPod Touch.

If you’re like most people you pay a lot for your wireless cellular connection and you get frustrated if you can’t use it for something that you want to do. Now you can access Netflix using 3G as well as Wi-Fi, although the quality might not be quite as good. Some people have reported that reception via 3G is a little choppy but that’s a small price to pay for receiving the content on your mobile device. No doubt this problem will be worked out soon.

You can also get offline playback. You just choose a movie or television episode from any of the Netflix lists and tap the innovative Multi-Touch user interface to watch the show instantly or to save the title to view later. You can also add movies to your Netflix Instant Queue by using the iPhone application.

Some people might question the need to be able to watch television on your mobile phone. Many of us are busy people who don’t have as much free time as we’d like. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch the end of that movie you missed from the night before during your morning commute? You could use it to keep yourself occupied with a good show while hanging around in the doctors’ waiting room. Once you have the application no doubt you will find many ways to utilize it.