New Ipad Tech – Let the Fingers do the painting Apple iPad proved to the world how serious Steve Jobs was in conquering the world of traditional books, magazine and now even changing the world of finger painting. So is it more of a kindergarten practices or an evolution?

The Internet has been going nuts over this artist named David Kassan and his iPad art video in which he recorded himself painting an older, bearded model using his thumb and forefinger over the course of 3 hours. Of course, the video itself was compressed down to eight minutes and the rest was pretty much history. The video gets weekly hits of a whopping 580,000 views and still amazingly impressing a lot of people over the Internet.

How can something this small be of use for the artists, become so big?  Well, it’s not just Apple’s magical products that create amazing results. It’s with the help of course of the wonderful applications like Brushes. It’s a cheap finger painting program for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which was created by Steve Sprang. It is now one of the best selling apps on apps store. To prove how popular the application has become, the creator of the app was given an access to the iPad so that the program can be featured as one of the device’s launch titles and then he presented it during the big iPad announcement too. Of course the cost of the app since it’s been so popular now went up to $7.99 but it’s a not so simple app now as it now offers additional tools and wider palette.

As we already know, using iPhone with Brushes app can be used to draw sumptuous eye or a bulbous cameo or even a beautiful cartoon octopus or a doodle drawn in an iPad. It’s been truly an evolution happening in the field of artistry. Now, to look forward to something more epic, is a release of “pressure-sensitive” iPad app that allows artist to use a wand to draw and sketch like a real pencil. We’re definitely closer to the future than we think.