Northwest Airlines Guilty Of Cargo Price Fixing

610x-300x1991The Justice Department on Friday announced that Northwest Airlines will be found guilty and fined $38 million for their conspiracy in fixing cargo rates. The Justice Department stated that $80 million were earned by Northwest Airlines from their cargo services between the U.S.A and Japan after a they had broken federal antitrust laws by fixing the cargo rates. This crime was supposedly committed from between July 04 & February 06 before their merger with Delta Air Lines.

At this time Northwest is in complete cooperation with the current investigation and they are believed to have fired the person whom is said to be the main person responsible for the crime. The Justice Department also stated that besides Northwest others have already pleaded guilty or have agreed to admit their crimes in the investigation. All other companies will pay their fines which would amount to $1.6 billion.

The other carriers are, Korean Air Lines, Pacific Airways, British Airways and Qantas Airways. They also stated that out of the many airlines being charged 4 executive members from British, Qantas Airways and SAS Cargo Group will have to serve prison time while others are being charged at this time. This problem seems to be a nation wide one as investigations are being held with all cargo services. The Justice Department says that there will be justice amongst these services and all who were participants in the exercise to fix cargo rates for illegal incomes.