Paris Hilton Arrested For Cocaine Possession

Hilton_mug_shot-239x300The infamous reality-TV starlet and socialite Paris Hilton is back in the news again. She was arrested on Friday night in Las Vegas for possession of cocaine. Police found a small amount of the drug in the black Cadillac Escalade she was riding in when it was pulled over by them.

The SUV was stopped just before midnight on Los Vegas Boulevard near the Wynn Hotel Casino because a traffic officer noticed clouds of marijuana smoke issuing from the windows. The cocaine reportedly fell out of Hiltons’ purse as she was pulling out some lip balm.

She was arrested and taken into custody at the Clark County Detention Center but was released in the early hours of Saturday morning on her own recognizance.

The man that she is reportedly dating, Cy Waits, was also arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. He was still in custody on Saturday morning.

Paris Hiltons’ attorney, David Chesnoff, asked people not to rush into judgment and said he was still gathering information on the situation. Informed sources said that Hilton would probably only receive probation if she is convicted on the possession charges.

The socialite did not seem to be too concerned about the situation as she was writing on a social website on Saturday morning, just hours after being released from custody.

This is not the first time that Hilton has been in trouble with the law over alleged drug possession. During the World Cup in South Africa she was arrested for possession of marijuana. She was later released when police were told that the drugs belonged to someone else in the group she was with.

Hilton was convicted of a Driving under the Influence charge in 2006 and received probation. She later had to spend 23 days in jail in 2007 for breaching the terms of her probation.