Philip Markoff The Craigslist Killer Commits Suicide In Jail

BOSTON — The ex healthcare college student charged with killing a masseuse he got together with through Craigslist killed himself in a Boston jail where he had been awaiting trial, authorities reported Sunday.

Philip Markoff, 24, had been discovered unresponsive inside his cell Sunday morning inside the Nashua Street Jail, the Suffolk County district attorney’s office stated in an e-mailed report, Markoff’s lifeless body was pronounced dead at about 10:15 a.m.

“Markoff was alone in his cell, and all evidence collected thus far indicates that he took his own life,” the statement said.

Authorities are going to investigate to find out the truth as well as the events associated with his dying, the district attorney said. Saturday could have been Markoff’s 1st wedding anniversary however, the nuptials had been canceled following his police arrest. Markoff, a past Boston University student, pleaded not guilty of the deadly shooting of Julissa Brisman, of New York City, as well as the armed robbery regarding a Las Vegas woman. Each crime occurred at Boston motels inside the period of 4 days and nights in April 2009. Rhode Island prosecutors additionally charged him of assaulting a pole dancer that week.

Markoff’s trial date for the Massachusetts cases had been scheduled for March. John Salsberg, Markoff’s lawyer, was shocked and saddended and had no further comment about his clients death. He would not comment any further. Markoff had met the women as a result of advertisements regarding sexual services submitted on Craigslist, a classified advertising Internet site, prosecutors said.

The Boston Police Dept research lab discovered a pair of blood stains obtained from swabs on the hand gun which had been seized in a search of Markoff’s residence in Quincy, Mass., says prosecutors, which alleged Markoff utilized the gun to bludgeon Brisman prior to being shot 3 times at close range.