Popular Afghan known as Popeye Murdered

story.popeye2Captain Cynthia Larue, a Canadian Public Affairs officer offered to tell a tale of a great Afghan man who known to many as Popeye was murdered for no reason. Fida Mohammed aka Popeye was in his 60’s and had made a great impression on the soldiers who was stationed at Camp Nathan Smith in Kandahar city. His story begins at the cannery which first existed on the camp ground in the 1970’s. Popeye had witnessed government after government and army after army, he had witnessed everything that had happened on those grounds and was still here.

He was a great friend to many as they old loved to hear his stories and some would even walk with a translator just to have a conversation with him. In his glory days he had worked in the old cannery which produced thousands of local produce. After that he was witness to the take over of the Taliban in the early part of the 90’s when the camp grounds from the old cannery was turn into a prison for hundreds of people.

His only job on the new camp grounds was to keep the generators working, carry about water and some other not so fancy jobs. He was known to work with his charm-full grin and high spirit. His dream was to one day after seeing these troops move out see the old cannery reopened and start back work. Unfortunately he did not make it to see that day as his fears had come true, while the reason behind his murder is not known for sure he was found dead, shot several times for doing nothing but try to provide for his family.