Rihanna Talks Of Future Plans

normal_rihanna-polka-dot-jumpsuit-01-200x300Performing her singles featuring Eminem, “Love The Way You Lie” at the Staples Center in LA fans was treated to an amazing surprise as Eminem made a surprise appearance with Rihanna on stage. After the performance Rihanna discussed with Access Hollywood why she chose to do the collaboration with Eminem. Rihanna responded in saying that the track broke down the cycle of domestic violence and it was something that most people would relate to and view in a different way or in a way that they never thought of.

She said that she also did not want to miss her chance at a hit with superstar Eminem despite the lyrical content of the song. She expressed how deep and meaningful the lyrics of the song is and that she understood it very well and knew that she could take the track to another level. Besides her track with Eminem, Rihanna announced that she would be planning the bachelorette party for Kate Perry who is due to marry Russell Brand, Britain’s funny man in India later this year.

Rihanna explained that  this bachelorette party is even taking up more of her time than her tour, she knows that this wedding is going to be big, bigger than anything she ever attended and she is working around that to give Kate the best. It was also revealed that Rihanna would be starring in her first film which includes Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard from “Friday Night Lights” and “True Blood” respectively.