Samsung to the rescue for iPhone users?

250px-Samsung-i9000-galaxy-sDue to the amazing amount of complaints against the new iPhone 4 Samsung has has offered to hand out their Galaxy S smartphone free to those frustrated iPhone users. Even though Apple has made many statements to back up that their BIG reception problem is really a small one many users are becoming frustrated and are looking for some help. It all started with a Twitter account called @samsungukmobile who has been contacting those individuals on twitter who were complaining about their iPhone.

The account told users to send in their contact details and they would receive a free handset.  One such user who dared to test the truth of this campaign was Tiffany Nieuwland. After she had her iPhone for over a month now she decided to finally take out her frustration about the iPhone on Twitter. She then received the message about getting a free smartphone from samsung just for her iPhone problems.

At first, her reaction as with any other common reaction, it sounded too good to really be true. She then decided to dig deeper into this so called campaign and called up a friend who worked at Samsung and was reassured that the campaign from Samsung is really legitimate. This is said to be a very bold marketing tactic as Samsung shows that they have that much faith in their smartphone developments. Tiffany added further comments on her wanting to try out an Android for months now but may not be so easily strayed from her beloved iPhone.