Steve Jobs: Not Just Our Smartphones

200px-Steve_Jobs_Headshot_2010-CROPCell phones are not perfect but the comments made by Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO that they are not the only ones whose smartphones are suffering from antenna problems has caused a war between companies. Apple has made their internet signal tests viewable to the public showing that they are not making false accusations. HTC’s chief financial officer Hui Meng Cheng stated to The Wall Street Journal that the reception and antenna problem is not a common problem with all smartphones.

Also Samsung has stated that with their Omnia 2 there has been no such reports of problems with reception. Besides these 2 major companies there are also others who have said that Apple’s CEO is wrong in his statement that “ every phone has weal spots” Consumer Reports stated that they would not recommend anyone buying the new iPhone 4 and was met with a reply by Steve Jobs who stated that they would offer cases which would help with the antenna problem for all iPhone 4 buyers. Responses from both Nokia and BlackBerry stated that Apple’s remarks were unacceptable and that the problem with receptions is not as they have made it out to be.

Apple has stated that RIM has made it a distortion to the public about the understanding of antenna designs. Apple has then made videos showing the flaws of all smarphones when held in a specific way stating that the problem it common. While this may or may not be the case other smartphone companies are upset with Apple and many consumer websites are giving bad reviews.