Tennessee Titans to sue Kiffin

titans1-300x228.jpgDue to the unprofessional and possibly illegal approach which was taken by coach Lane Kiffin in attaining Titans assistant coach Kennedy Pola the Titans are taking legal action in suing not only Coach Kiffin but also Southern California university. The lawsuit which was made on Monday by the Titans accuses Kiffin and Souther California university as violating Pola’s contract which states that he must have a written agreement in order to discuss a possible job with anyone other that the Titans. Pola was the Titans running back coach and was then hired for the job as running back and offensive coordinator by Souther California.

Jeff Fisher stated that coach Kiffin did not attempt to make the customary call to neither him nor the NFL team to inform them of his interest in their assistant coach. Fisher himself was the one who hired Kennedy Pola and was given a contract which would secure his position until February 14th of 2011. Not only does the lawsuit state that protocol was breached and verbal agreements are inadequate but also that both Kiffin and Souther California knew of Pola’s contract agreements and failed to act accordingly.

The suit left Tennessee without a running back coach only a week before training began and both players and Titan representatives are not pleased. The lawsuite states that Kiffin knew of these formalities and deliberately negelested to focus on them. He himself admitted that he made agreements with Pola before contacting any officials. The lawsuit further details his actions at the time of his departure from Tennessee and his wild antics of trying to steal players and coaches.