The Growth of Mobile Web Access in the US

mobilephone-300x225With the growing tech age, who needs to buy a newspaper to  read  your  favorite article? You can now read your favorite news, sports and other accessible pages using your mobile internet. This is now a conventional way to access internet via laptop or cell phone. Almost half of the adult population use wifi or mobile broadband card.    As per report published by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, Mobile Access 2010, cell phone users accessing their internet from their phone has reached 38 percent of U.S. in 2009, a huge increase from last year which was only 25%.

By end of April, according to Comscore, Americans from age 13 and over were pledged mobile phone users, which is approximately 234 million Americans. Nearly 89 million American people, based on Pew’s estimate, were mobile internet users last year, almost one third of the existing US population. With 47 million daily internet users accessing through their cell phone in the US once a day, that brings to 53 per cent according to Pew’s survey.

As per research, most US mobile internet users are using cheaper, minimal limited featured phones. African-Americans and Hispanics compose the huge percentage of nonvoice mobile data functions users, which has grown dramatically last year and phone internet users.  In addition, they also comprise the users for sole access to internet, email or instant messaging via phones.

Younger generation aged 18-29, which is about 65 percent of U.S. cell phone users go online from their phones, in contrast to those aged 30-49 comprising 43 percent.

No matter what class and earnings the Americans are, they surely use either wireless internet access or cell-only wireless users.