The U.S & South Korea Begin a Joint Military Exercise

t1larg.navy_.ship_-300x168Spokes person for U.S forces in Korea states that on Sunday tensions grew high in North Korea as both the U.S and South Korea began military exercises. The “invincible Spirit” exercise is said to run until Wednesday and would include over 200 aircrafts, 8000 persons and over 20 submarines and ships. According to the U.S Defense Departments, these exercises are a result of the warlike actions that were done by Pyongyang on the Cheonan, South Korean ship.

To say the least, these exercises were criticized by North Korean officials. One of North Korea’s ministers stated the question “Why are the two Koreas so hostile?” According to Jonathan Withington of the USFK the naval carriers which would be involved in the Invincible Spirit exercise would be the Dokdo of South Korea and the USS George Washington of the United States. Though North Korea has made significant threats about their counter exercises according to CNN officials 2 U.S officials stated that the North Koreans are currently showing no signs of movement or any plans of a counter exercise.

An almost 2 hour meeting with the U.N officials and North Korea has taken place on Friday and the discussion and condemnation of the attacks that was made on South Korea’s Cheonan were made clear. Even though the U.N did not specify North Korea by name their thoughts on the attack was clear. North Korea denied any involvement on the March incident which resulted in the lives of 46 Korean soldiers to be lost and they pushed that they too would have their own investigation into the matter at hand.