Three Gorges Dam Passes First Real Test

270px-Dreischluchtendamm_hauptwall_2006According to senior officials the 3 Gorges Dam was put to its maximum test since its creation in 2009. The Dam of Yangtze River, Hubei Province withstood the test of the flood control. This controversial Dam took flood water at speeds of over 70 thousand cubic meters/s and was done earlier this week.

This test is said to be greater than the great flood which occurred in 1998 and kill over 4000 people according to Minister of Water Resources Liu Ning. He also stated to the press that this Dam is essential to their flood control plans for the future. The cost of the Three Gorges Dam is said to be around $24 billion and is said to be able to control the flow of flood water.

Without it many cities and towns lower in Yangtze would have been in danger according to Liu Ning. This is by far the biggest project of its kind and is said to be able to hold back over 22 billion CB of flood water. While it is said to be such an effective and needed Dam it has also caused a lot of controversy as many people had to leave their homes to make way. Is it worth it? A lesson was learnt after the 1998 flood and some agree for the dramatic change while others do not. According to the Chinese government this project is necessary for the people themselves and the only thing that we can do now is see if it is really as effective as it is said to be.