Top Facebook App Maker Removed

Pencake-312x500-187x300Facebook announced that they would be deleting all apps which were created by Pencake which has around 45 million users. It currently has the #3 position amongst Facebook apps and is based in Hong Kong. One of the most popular apps developed by Pencake is the “Create Your Quiz” app.

Facebook states that Pencake has built their majority of users by going rogue and violating policies stationed by Facebook. They also stated that they enforce these policies regularly and will continue to do the same with other applications who follow in Pencake footsteps. While Facebook does not specify which rules Pencake broke it is noted that they do not follow the ethics set by Facebook and according to various users, they use spamming methods and infringe on users privacy.

Pencake has been known for pushing Facebook to the limits and are currently being punished for it. Another great developer that have almost half of the users on Facebook is Zynga. Zynga is most famously known for FishVille, FarmVille and Mafia Wars. Their daily income is said to be over $1 million dollars as users use actual payments to attain items in the games.

From this we see others trying to follow the quickly growing gaming industry on Facebook. While some may have already secured their place amongst the hearts of Facebook users it is still not a certainty of any one application keeping a majority of users on their side.