Weight Loss Pill From Addictive Drugs

file0001119144174-300x2251According to researchers when a special combination between drugs to help an individual stop drinking and drugs that help stop smoking is made it forms a weight loss pill. The pill which is known as Contrave has shown very positive results in stage 3 of trials. The main components which make up the drug is Naltrexone and Bupropion which are used for alcoholics, smokers and individuals who suffer with depression respectively according to the top researcher at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana State University.

Dr. Frank Greenway stated that these 2 components have been used for over 20 years but never before has a weight loss drug containing both has ever been approved in any part of the world. He also stated that Bupropion works the nerves which help appetite and is known to cause a small amount of weight loss but with the combination of Naltrexone it stimulates the brain and causes a greater amount of weight loss. Dr. Greenway stated that this drug can help those individuals who may have already been on diets but could not control their lust for food for very long.

The most common side effect which was discovered by the new combination drug was nausea which was determined to mostly be because of the naltrexone. In most cases the nausea wore off when the drug was continued in use but it should not be taken by any any epilepsy patients as bupropion can interfere with it.