Woman Charged With Death Of Babies

Dominique-Cottrez-300x180Dominique Cottrez was charged on Thursday with murder after she gave birth and smothered her 8 babies throughout a 17 year period. Cottrez said that her pregnancies were hidden from her husband who said that he had no knowledge of what she was doing. Eric Vaillant, the prosecutor stated that due to her being overweight it was easy for her to hide being pregnant to the public.

Her reason for killing her babies was that she did not want to have children again and was refraining from visiting any doctors. The husband was not charged but was still under suspicion and may be investigated  however, the prosecutor did not believe that he had anything to do with it.  The first 2 bodies of the 8 babies were discovered by a couple who were gardening in Villers-au-Tertre, a Northern town in France.

The bodies were found sealed in bags and the couple notified the police right after the discovery. According to Vaillant police spoke with Cottrez and her husband after the discovery as they were the previous owners of the house and a confession was made on the spot by Cottrez. She then told the police of a further 6 babies which were hidden in her garage. These bodies were sealed just as the first 2 but were covered with other items to conceal them.

Cottrez suffers from serious psychological problems after her first child and hid it from her husband. The birth dates of the babies are unknown but would be between 1989-2006.