Trump’s “Wisdom” Strikes Again

The world keeps its eyes and ears open in anticipation of the next Trump move. Since his inauguration till today every month has been filled with headlines about president Donald Trump and his actions, often described as xenophobic and misogynist. Here are the last few actions of Trump that made headlines.

Puerto Rico in shambles – Lack of aid

Puerto Rico has been in a disastrous state after having experienced horrible hurricanes. The people of the country had been left without electricity, drinking water for weeks and also very little help. Well, now it appears that Puerto Rico could lose federal relief resources – President Trump has informed his followers on Twitter.

His message says that FEMA and First Responders simply cannot stay in Puerto Rico forever. That is quite a shock to many, because Puerto Rico is still in dire need of help with some regions having received no relief or aid at all yet. Trump’s message coma hours before the House voted on a $36.5 billion disaster relief package for the nation, to cover the still-raging Northern California wildfires, Texas flooding from Hurricane Harvey, hurricane-ravaged Florida, and the Puerto Rico recovery. The new law would provide Puerto Rico with almost 5 billion dollars but it would increase the country’s financial debt in the long run.

Trump says Obama didn’t call fallen soldiers’ families

A reporter had asked President Donald Trump why he hadn’t called the families of four U.S. soldiers who were killed in Niger. Apparently, the President had waited 12 days to make the call. Trump offered an answer that angered many people: Other presidents have never called the fallen soldiers families. He specifically pointed out Barack Obama as the president who did not make the calls.

However, all what Trump had said has been debunked as all the presidents in the past have made the calls and there is even photo proof of that. President Trump on the other hand did not seem too bothered by this, as when asked about the incident he claimed that he simply repeated what he had heard from other people. But days after the incident another scandal shook the white house. Once Trump called the fallen soldier’s family he left the nation in shock after he said that soldier supposedly knew the risks of his decisions. No furthers comments were made from the President’s side on the subject.